Slut walk held in NYC!

SlutWalk originated in Toronto last April after a cop warned students 'not to dress like sluts' to prevent rape. This is a shocking thing to teach young adults in the 21st century.

The walk was held in New York city for the first time last weekend and was a huge success.
It has also been held in other American regions and also in Europe, Australia and South Asia.

Women all across the globe are supporting this anti-rape phenomenon in a massive way.

How dare somebody accuse a woman of bringing rape upon herself due to the way she chooses to dress? Some people share the opinion that if you dress slightly provocatively, then you are an immediate target and that it is your own fault.

How can this be? Rape is a sexual crime committed against one's will and never a choice or something 'brought upon yourself'.

We love this event and think its a fantastic achievement!
Every woman has the right to feel free to dress how they want without anybody claiming they are attracting rapists to attack them.

Have you ever participated in a SlutWalk? We want your comments ladies and gents!,_go_fuck_yourselves%27%3A_slutwalk_arrives_in_nyc

Drink spiking- Yes, It happens all the time!

Drink-spiking is one of those crimes that people seem to want to ignore and shy away from,
It has become a massive global threat and affects every country you can mention in some way.

The problem is particularly rife in South Africa and America but the smaller countries such as Switzerland and of course, the UK, are also on the receiving end.

There seems to be a lack of awareness about this frightening crime which is where '2 Love my Lips' steps in and helps.
Our company have launched the 'Stay Safe Campaign' which was set up to combat drink-spiking and also detect the problem before the damage is done.

Our very unique drink-spike detector strip can check for an array of the popular drugs used in drink-spiking such as Ketamine, Cocaine, Heroin and GHB.

Studies show that the main result of drink-spiking is rape.
Although men are often targeted, women seem to be the more likely victim.
Reports of sexual abuse, gang rape, theft and even death suggest the mental instability of these viscious perpetrators.
These people are an enormous threat to society and need to be prosecuted.

We recently discovered that although South Africa is heavily burdened with drink-spiking offences, there is no actual law against it. This really did disgust us to the core and so we eventually plan to change the law and put these criminals in their place.

Many cases all over the world go un-noticed due to many a reason. Some women have been too embaressed to speak up which we think is reason enough to raise all this awareness.
Why should we feel in any way ashamed to report such a disgusting crime?
To feel that helpless and frightened and think that it is something we must just get on with?

This attitude needs to be erased.
Lets give women, and men alike, the power to stay in control of mind and body.
This is a basic human right that is being savataged on a daily basis.

It needs to stop today! Find us on facebook Stay Safe -Help Fight Drink Spiking and aid us in raising awareness.

Serial rapist convicted of 12 brutal rape attacks using rohyonol now walks the streets

Richard Baker, one of the most notoriously dangerous rapists in Britian was released from jail this month. This ruthless monster was convicted of 13 date-rape offences involving 12 different women and it seems he has more than likely committed more while working as a DJ in Torremolinos, Spain.

It has been said by an officer that he has never in his 30 years of being a police officer, been more frightened or worried about such a character in relation to the public's well being as long as he roamed the streets freely. It seems that his cold and chilling personality kept the judges on edge throughout the court case.

Chillingly, he told the court; “I just wanted to be totally, totally in control. I tried to terrorise my victims, tried to put so much fear into them".
He later said; “I just wanted to see their reaction, wanted to be in control, wanted to make sure they didn’t resist me and put up a fight and struggle.,”

He slipped the rape drug Rohypnol into the drinks of unwitting women and attacked them while they were unconscious. He had already been in prison for raping a 19-year-old girl in North Devon 10 years earlier and he had also been convicted of having sex with an underage 15-year-old girl.

The judge charged Baker and sentenced him to 4 life sentences but this month he was freed from prison to start the rehabilitation process at Chadwick Lodge, a medium secure unit on Eaglestone.
Here, it is understood part of his rehab therapy will be learning to mix with members of the public on regular trips out.

We believe this man should not mingle with any members of the public, especially after his chilling words in court that sounded a far cry from regret.

Women need to be aware of the dangers of men like Baker who even though have gone through treatment, can always snap and strike again.

Please leave your thoughts and opinion's and we will be glad to discuss.

85 year old woman sexually and brutally assaulted by a TV aerial fitter from Blackpool

'The Mirror'  recently released the story of an extremely elderly woman who was sexually assaulted in her very own home.

A TV aerial fitter entered her home in order to fit an aerial but with a vulgar and disturbing idea implanted in his mind instead.

A jury found Darren Penfold, 48, guilty of the attack and also administering a substance with intent to abuse her.
He managed to tamper with her whiskey and spiked her with some ecstasy type drugs.
She woke up the next morning (January 2010) only partially clothed and frightened.

She sobbed in court: “He’s altered my life. I don’t recognise myself as the same person'.

This story proves that drink-spiking not only effects the younger party-go'er, but it can effect anybody of any age in any place.

To think a vulnerable woman of 85 was treated so brutally in her own home really does make us feel ill!
Feel free to leave a comment in relation to this case or drink spiking.