85 year old woman sexually and brutally assaulted by a TV aerial fitter from Blackpool

'The Mirror'  recently released the story of an extremely elderly woman who was sexually assaulted in her very own home.

A TV aerial fitter entered her home in order to fit an aerial but with a vulgar and disturbing idea implanted in his mind instead.

A jury found Darren Penfold, 48, guilty of the attack and also administering a substance with intent to abuse her.
He managed to tamper with her whiskey and spiked her with some ecstasy type drugs.
She woke up the next morning (January 2010) only partially clothed and frightened.

She sobbed in court: “He’s altered my life. I don’t recognise myself as the same person'.

This story proves that drink-spiking not only effects the younger party-go'er, but it can effect anybody of any age in any place.

To think a vulnerable woman of 85 was treated so brutally in her own home really does make us feel ill!
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